A Unique Experience : Player #2

January 8, 2015

Her enthusiastic, “Sure, I’ll do it!”, was not at all what I expected to hear. Her checks were flushed and plump. We decided to set the shoot for the next day. I arrived feeling calm, possibly hiding my own excitement to get to know Beyoncé Pad Thai in this new way. I was positive that I’d seen her without clothes on at some point in the 18 years of knowing her. This would be unlike those times.

She agreed to fill out the interview and from there we began a conversation. Her reason for wanting to be a player in The NFP was “ to be involved in a unique experience.” One frame that stood out was when she acknowledged her youthful breasts. She noted, in so many words, they might eventually change and only look like this for so long. Placing a mink cape around her shoulders, I saw her transform before my eyes.

Utilizing the soft light, I noted how her hair  lay down her back, showcasing the lush curves of her hips. It was an intimate glimpse of confidence. Pearls of happiness beamed out from between her smiling lips. Any inhibitions of getting naked did not register on the camera, she wanted to be noticed. After our session, my first thought was, “my relationship with Beyoncé Pad Thai has indeed forever shifted.”    Click Here to view More Galleries and Meet the Players.

The Naked Friend Project

The Naked Friend Project

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