Enthusiastic Player

Let me say, I love enthusiastic players! Receiving emails daily brings a smile to my face and has me looking at my calendar.  What to expect when you send me an email, you ask? Players should know what they are in for. I’m not big on surprises so here goes. Everyone who sends a request to be a Player in The Naked Friend Project, through the website via the contact button, receives a response. Perhaps I’ll write a short personal acknowledgment, then the same body context for each potential NFP Player. I notice that this allows for everyone to make their own choices , whether they continue to play the game, or not. The next game being: The Interview. Followed by : The Session. Ending with: Our Experience. Looking forward to a one on one interview this week! So, you want to be a Player in The Naked Friend Project? The project is open to my friends (mainly friends on Facebook , some who are  not ). Down the road, I intend to open it up to friends of friends. Currently, I am asking that only local Santa Cruz friends and those close in vicinity, send requests (via website) to be Players in The Naked Friend Project. I’ll leave you with this. I received a fun message from a long time friend of mine from high school, we’ll call him DiRtY. It came with this photo. He gave me permission to use it for The Naked Friend Project. Of course, I take the photos here, but I still wanted to express my appreciation for his enthusiasm. I felt closer to him and got a glimpse into where he is in his life. Thank you, DiRtY!

A Glimpse into DiRtY's life

A Glimpse into DiRtY’s life

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