In Her Skin Player #3

January 8, 2015

As I watched her fill out The Interview, I flashed on the first time I saw Wisdom Crone naked. The afternoon sun beat down on us as we tripped through the brush. Nearly 19 years ago, we found the pond that would take away the blistering heat. Then, it happened. We all took our clothes off. “Did she notice my awkward stare”, I thought? What happened to her breast, where’s her nipple? I was clueless to what the breast of a breast cancer survivor might look like. I was more perplexed as to why this information was not something I had been told in advance.

Flash forward to today. My anticipation for this experience with Player # 3 is nothing like the first time. Years of loving interaction and communication have made us closer. Hearing her “YES” when asked if she wanted to participate was a win! In her skin, is what came to mind when she began to take her clothes off. There was no fumbling only ease. The dogs felt this from her as well as they incorporated themselves into the moment. She was every inch perfect.

In front of the blinds, the sun raged in, showcasing the edges of her body. I noticed waves rippling through her skin. Wisdom Crone wanted others to see what an older woman looks like as she ages. As she stretched out her arm, she wiggled her skin back and forth, laughing, proud. She had told me that her skin carried her. Today, it carried me as well.

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In Her Skin

In Her Skin

It’s All About the bASS… Butt Not for Player #4

If you have been keeping up with The Naked Friend Project,  you may have figured out one of the questions that is asked during the second game, The Interview.   Let’s explore this, shall we!

Player #4, you’ll get to know her better in the next few weeks, raised an interesting point. She feels  influenced, by others, that is, noting that the most “loved” part  of her body is her ass. I must admit, I am one of the those friends that would be put into this category.  After all, we had our booties cast together in clay!

Butt, is not her favorite part. So, which part is it?? What makes this her favorite part? Will others be influenced by the part she favorites?  Read more about The Experience with Player #4 later this week on The Naked Friend Project website.

In the meantime, I invite you to visit The NFP website and view the growing  galleries in:   Share a Part of Me .



Selfie of Butt Casting, The Mold, Art by Richard Smith, Santa Cruz

Selfie of Casting, The Mold, Art by Richard Smith, Santa Cruz

Will You Break Your Rules?

The Naked Friend Project was deliberately created with the goal of having fun and getting to know my friends better (especially those on Facebook). It is an artistic, sensual experience in progress and any rules you might have about what you will or won’t do will most likely be broken. I know I have already broken many of my own and look forward to breaking some more.

I am now taking Naked Friend Project  Player Appointments for friend who live in the Santa Cruz, CA and nearby areas.


Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes